A hotel development providing 229 rooms and nestled at the intersection of New Cross, NOMA and the Northern Gateway. The neighbourhood is a cluster of new development and growth.
The building has been designed to present a consistent form to Rochdale Road and pull away the residential properties behind. As the building turns the corner to create an L shaped plan, the rear section is split from the front element and is lower in height to create a hierarchy of form.
A frame wraps around the primary elevation with the base expressed by sawtoothed continuous glazing and the top with an angled crown.
The windows are organised into a pin stripe to Rochdale Road with piers of projecting brick headers and stacked soldier courses providing texture and grain. The side and rear is organised into a double storey order with stack bonded recessed panels. The choice of red brick reflects the local neighbourhood and its history and is complimented by a reflective metal crown.