Vision at 10-12 Whitworth Street West will be a residential community with a rich mix of 327 apartments.
The proposed development will deliver a simple, elegant, landmark building at a key city centre junction. The building bridges the civic quarter to the north, the mixed use communities of First Street to the south, Castlefield in the east, Oxford Road in the west and represents Manchester’s vision for the walkable city.
The scheme offers studios, 1, 2 & 3 bed apartments, all with fresh air through vent panels. The apartments will have epic views either across the city or south.
The design concept is a solid, strong frame supporting a slim, finely crafted volume of accommodation. The regular pin stripe fin sits within a deep reveal provides the building with a high quality identity.
The building has a recessed 4 storey glazed elevation at street level revealing the concrete columns, positively facing the city and widening the pavement. A recessed double storey glazed box with pergola structure at the top completes the classical order of the base, column and capitol.
10-12 Whitworth Street West