A market leading, sustainable NABERS 6* enabled office building.
Jon Matthews Architects were appointed by Ask Real Estate to design and deliver a best in class office building.
The building sits within the First Street masterplan at the southern gateway to Manchester.


Ask Real Estate
220,000 sqft Grade A Office Space
The building will be best in class in terms of its sustainable design principles. The scheme will be NABERS 6* enabled.
A fabric first approach has been key to the facade development. A reduction in embodied carbon and energy in use has been the main driver behind both the structural strategy, material selection and design approach for the facade.
Following on from Plot 9a, First Street, the scheme aims to become the second net zero carbon building in operation on the First Street Estate.
In order to meet the sustainable objectives, the building fabric is designed as follows:
– Glazing is reduced to 40%. The introduction of 60% solid to the facade reduces the impact of solar gain and reduces the energy demand for cooling.
– An increased area of solid within the facade allows for enhanced insulation zone, reducing heat losses and increased thermal mass.
– The masonry facade of precast concrete, chosen for its inherent reduction in embodied carbon.
– Mixed mode ventilation is futureproofed with the provision of openable vents as part of the glazing system, which enables occupiers the choice of natural ventilation.
Plot 10a, First Street