Giving everything back to the Street.
Our aim was to show how a large urban residential building could respond positively to its context at street level. A restricted palette of polished concrete, glazed terracotta, glass and bronze aluminium details are layered to create texture and an appropriate large scale of components.
The development is designed around the listed and refurbished Blackfriars pub. A modern concrete extension to the pub opens up a south facing new public square activated by a new restaurant, coffee shop, fully equipped gym cinema, offices and laundrette. A basement contains car and bike storage, dog washing station and tenant storage. Ground floor gardens, green roofs and private balconies allow constant interaction with nature and light.
As our first completed building, none of us will forget Blackfriars.
380 Residential Units
+ 10,550sqft Commercial Space
The programme of the building consists of 2 linear residential buildings framing a south facing private courtyard. The masterplan is composed by 3 further buildings – a gym, a triangular concrete commercial unit and the refurbished Blackfriars pub.
The minimal and timeless design philosophy was continued through to the interior of the apartments, common areas and amenity spaces. Again, a limited pallet of materials was used. Exposed concrete, oak, and bronze panels were chosen to for their natural beauty, legibility and to complement the exterior.