The design concept for Meadowside was to create and mend historic connections in and around the Angel Gardens whilst defining the park edge with modern high quality homes.
The park has become the centre of the development – a true urban park with all the health and wellbeing advantages associated with a direct connection to nature. A place to live and a place to relax.
Special attention is paid to the urban realm and landscaping which has completely transformed the area with new spaces to dwell and enjoy green space within the city.
Far East Consortium
£70 million
286 Residential Units
4 distinctive buildings respond to differing contexts on each face of the park. In total, 756 homes surround the park edge.
A 40-storey glass tower will sit at the north end of the park. The tower acts as a vista from the southern edge of the park and also a gateway through into its sister development – The Northern gateway, also by FEC in partnership with Manchester City Council.
At the western edge of the park sit 2 glass buildings designed with reference to the glass tower. This visual connection between the 3 buildings is intended to reduce visual clutter and create confident buildings which act as a backdrop to the site rather than compete with it.
The eastern edge of the park is raised up significantly and from this vantage point we designed a contextual brick infill of apartments and town houses with front doors leading to the park.
Gate & Stile, Meadowside