A new gateway square providing apartments and townhouses overlooking green links.
The site sits in the heart of the Victoria North Development Framework to the north east of Manchester City centre. The proposal provides 237 high quality homes across 4 blocks in a range of different typologies from 1-3 bedroom apartments to duplex townhouses with gardens and garages.
The façade is set to a regular grid with an inset at ground and top. The materiality is a restrained, simple palette consisting of brick, pre cast concrete, glass and full height fins. The regular rhythm of  glazing enhances the ordered composition. Moments are defined and celebrated as each building turns the corner providing additional external amenity for apartments and interrupting the rigorous facade order.
A different brick for each building will give each a unique identity. The brick will have a bag rubbed finish to provide a monolithic appearance with exposed columns at ground cast using a decorative mould to provide a subtle richness and an echo of the site’s industrial past.
Portwood Developments Ltd
237 Residential Units
A contextual response has been provided by breaking the blocks into smaller buildings allowing views past and through the site. Massing is smaller along Gould Street to frame the historic Marble Arch pub while a prominent presence has been created fronting Rochdale Road with a taller corner element.
High quality public space is at the heart of the development with new cycle and pedestrian connectivity created; enhancing links through the site and connecting seamlessly into adjoining developments improving permeability. Active frontage along Rochdale Road will provide a secondary retail and service hub centred around the Marble Arch Inn.