An urban residential development located to the east of Salford, occupying a key site within the emerging Greengate Regeneration Strategy. The sites primary frontage is a ‘bookend’ to a wider development plot, with a westerly aspect over Trinity Way. This position provides a unique placemaking opportunity for the building to act as a totem for the arrival into the Greengate Masterplan.
The design proposal is a deliberate composition of 3 distinct blocks, arranged around a central core. The scale and massing of the blocks vary to respond to the surrounding context. The materiality is a palette of flush jointed brickwork to create a homogenous skin. The brickwork has varied tones and bonds, with depth of reveals as a response to the historic brick context.
The building form is articulated as a legible base, middle and top. The base is expressed as a double height set back, with heroic structural piers which ground the building. The structural programme is clearly read through the continuous brick piers and lintels, with inset window reveals. The top of the building is expressed through a double height crown, again with deep masonry reveals to create set back private terraces.
The brief for the building is to provide a series of high quality apartments and duplexes, with resident’s amenity space that includes south facing roof terraces and a communal resident’s lounge.